Physical Education Guidelines for Dress

Physical education students should wear clothing and footwear that allows for safe and free movement and is conducive for learning.  

Students must wear:

·       Appropriate athletic and supportive footwear for safety, protection, and performance.

·       Athletic shoes that can be tied or secured with Velcro.

·       Attire that is free from objects on or around the neck (necklaces, lanyards, garments).

·       Attire without dangling items (scarves or clothes that are baggy and presenting a tripping hazard). 

·       Attire free of jewelry of any kind.


All students are required to have the following supplies in their P.E. locker at all times:
- Folder with paper
- Pencil/Pen
- Deodorant (no spraying products)
- Container or bag for jewelry (if needed)